Who is common dating serena williams

08-Nov-2017 10:00

And a few days after her devastating loss at the US Open, he sat front row at her fashion show, snapping a pic as she took her final bow after the collection.

And last, but not least, were the rumors that Williams was dating Drake in 2015. And of course, in May 2015, he posted a picture of her playing tennis at the (in Rome! He directed the biggest film of his career during that time, X-Men: The Last Stand, which grossed close to 0million worldwide, while Serena won just one Grand Slam during those two years.

He posted a photo of her, July 9, with the caption, “ Our queen stopped by center court today.

He sat alongside her team in the stands and reportedly spent time with her off the court.

Open, tennis legend Serena Williams certainly deserves a little relaxation.

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Serena Williams Is Dating Alexis Ohanian, the Co-Founder of Reddit. Serena was previously linked to 29-year-old Drake, however, of their alleged engagement were proven to be unfounded earlier this month, with a spokesperson for the rapper telling Daily Mail Online that 'the rumor is completely untrue'.

Now, the tennis pro is making love part of her routine, bringing her new guy, 32.

The 34-year-old Wimbledon champion, who was thought to be in a relationship with rapper Drake, is reportedly now dating Reddit co-founder.

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